The Value of SEO

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85% of all consumers use the web to find what they are looking for and to make a purchasing decision.

The Value of SEO

Your future customers are out there searching everyday online for what you do, and where you do it.

Getting on the first page of a search results page is important.

Studies of click-through rates find that only 5-8% of those who search online click through to the  second page or beyond. If your site doesn’t show up on the first page of search results, your target customers won’t find you!

When was the last time you clicked on a paid ad at the top or right hand side of a search page? Most of us don’t click there very often. When users see the words, “Sponsored Results” or “Sponsored Links” they understand they’re looking at paid advertisements and not naturally relevant search results. In fact, only about 20% of us click on Sponsored Results when we search online. 80% click on the non-paid “organic” links for most of the searching we do.

The Location of Your Listing on the First Page is Critical.

If you’re using pay-per-click to get on the first page of search results, you’re paying to compete for just 20% of the page traffic! If all you’re doing to get first page placement is paying for ad space, you’re diving into a shallow pool! 

Page Relevance.

So, how do you get first page placement in the organic link section where 80% of users click?

In a word, relevance. The major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are looking for relevance in your website for what you do and where you do it. The sites you see on the first page of search engine results are deemed to be the most relevant to the search terms by the search engines.

When your website lacks relevance, you lack natural search engine placement. Without relevance and placement, you might need to resort to costly pay-per-click or sponsored link advertising to get search engine traffic.

If you have a pay-per-click campaign you know they can be very expensive and difficult to manage. When your daily budget is reached your site falls off the first page! And, paying for ad space on one of the search engines doesn’t get your website the same placement on all the other search engines. Staying on top of your campaign and managing escalating costs is challenging.

We Specialize in Increasing the Overall Relevance of Your Site.

Our SEO team has helped thousands of businesses move away from costly pay-per-click campaigns to get first page placement in the organic link section. Our clients typically see 5 times more traffic at roughly 1/3 of the cost of pay-per-click advertising.

Some level of pay-per-click advertising might be appropriate for your business. If so, we can work with you to help you decide how to get the broadest reach and even manage your PPC campaign for you.


Search engines are machines. They don’t know you and they can’t see you. They can see your site coding, your infrastructure, your on-page content, your link popularity, your traffic rank, and other factors that determine relevance.

The more relevant your site, the better your placement. Better placement results in more traffic to your site, and more opportunities to connect with your customers.

How do we do that for our clients?

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