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Social Media Management

Over 1 billion people are active on social networks.

Are you benefiting from the potential of Facebook and other social media platforms to broaden market exposure and raise your website relevance?

What we can do.

Content Management.

Build a Blog.

Link Management.

Our skilled team of experts will help determine the right type of content and social media needs that match your company's requirements and direction.

You’ve decided to jump into the blog world or you’ve launched a Facebook page because you know they can broaden your exposure and raise your relevance with the major search engines, and now you realize you don’t have time to keep up with it all. You know it’s important to post fairly frequently (and it is) but you don’t have the time to maintain it all yourself.

Participating in your blog or Facebook page with regular posts will be rewarded by the search engines.

You probably started your blog or corporate Facebook page to gain visibility for your business. You were absolutely right to do that but if you don’t tend it, just like your lawn, it will die an ugly death!

We have skilled copywriters on staff at SEO Placement Services that provide social media management services. Let us write your articles and posts at your direction and relieve you of the burden.

The cost for this service is surprisingly low and we operate at your direction. We will be happy to show you examples of articles, press releases and posts.

We are ready to help you today and show you the real value a well written blog can be to your business!

If you don’t have a blog, we’ll build a WordPress blog for you. You can maintain it yourself, or hire us to manage it for you.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are becoming more and more a part of our lives. These sites should play an important role in your internet marketing strategy. Links to social media sites can broaden exposure, but also help build relevance in your website.

If you don’t have active links to social media sites, you could be missing out on traffic to your website!

Let the experts at SEO Placement Services setup these valuable social media inks. Having these prominent sites link back to your site, helps your relevance with the search engine crawlers. The search engines know the value of site owners being involved with social media outlets, especially blogs.