SEO Placement Services

Allowing us to manage your PPC campaign in concert with our SEO Services can give you the broadest reach in the market at the optimal cost.

There is no question that purchasing traffic from Google works to get a first page listing. But it needs to be done correctly. We can help you clarify campaign objectives and create a new campaign. Or if you already have a campaign up and running, we can help you manage it to optimize your site’s click-through-rate and cost-per-click.

A poorly executed pay-per-click campaign is no different than throwing away your money!

Unfortunately, too many pay-per-click campaigns don’t ever see a return on investment for the company running the ads. A properly managed campaign can provide a return for most businesses. That said, over time we’ve consistently delivered organic visitors at a fraction of the cost of a “paid” visitor. If you want multiple listings on the first page, we encourage you to look at our Search Engine Dominance page.

If your budget does not allow you to go the SEM route, you might consider launching a well managed Google PPC campaign in concert with our SEO Services.

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Our objective is to help you maximize your marketing dollars!

We are strong proponents of quality SEO, but in some cases it might make sense to use both PPC and SEO to achieve your specific goals.

PPC Management Services

Getting more bang for your buck.

Establish & Manage an Optimized Google PPC Campaign
$1.00 per Keyword

On-Going Management Fee
20% of Approved Monthly Allowance

Optimizing Your PPC Campaign & SEO Efforts.

PPC  Management Services Pricing